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At 88 Driving School, we are committed to shaping responsible and confident drivers. With years of experience in the industry, we offer comprehensive driving instruction that caters to learners of all levels. Our team of highly qualified instructors is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment where you can master the skills needed to navigate the road with ease.

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88 Driving School

Your Path to Safe and Skilled Driving!

Your Journey to Safe and Skilled Driving Starts Here. With expert instructors, modern vehicles, and flexible schedules, we’re committed to providing the best driving education experience. Join us and navigate the road with confidence. Your destination is just a lesson away.
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Choose 88 Driving School for Driving Confidence!

Unlock the Road to Confidence: Choose 88 Driving School for Your Driving Education
88 Driving School stands out as the premier choice for your driving education needs. With a team of dedicated, experienced instructors and a strong commitment to safety and personalized learning, we offer a driving education experience like no other. Our track record of producing confident and responsible drivers speaks for itself, and our modern, well-equipped vehicles ensure that you learn in comfort and security. We understand the importance of convenience, and our flexible scheduling options make it easy for you to fit lessons into your busy life. When you choose us, you’re not just learning to pass a test; you’re gaining a lifelong skill and joining a supportive community of learners. Discover the road to safe and confident driving with 88 Driving School.

Our Happy Clients!


I did an intensive course where Azhar taught and explained everything very well. He prepared me for my test and helped me Pass first time. Really good service, highly recommend!


I’ve had a great experience with this company. I had the pleasure to be taught by Azhar who was very professional, kind and motivated me to get the most out of my lessons. I highly recommend for others to learn through this company!

Orlando Hutchings

Azhar did an awesome job preparing me for the driving test. He made me feel safer on the roads and worked around my schedule to get sufficient practice in before my test. First time pass. 5 stars.


Azhar is an amazing driving instructor totally loved my experience with him. He is absolutely professional, patient and ensures to fine tune your areas of weaknesses. He really built my confidence back up after a different instructor. I recommend him to all my friends and family when they are looking for an instructor and thanks to him I passed my test first time! Thanks Azhar.


Azhar was a great driving instructor. Stayed real patient, until the very end. Even when I made mistakes, he explained them to me in a way that was fun but also stern at the same time. I had a great experience with him, would thoroughly recommend him for anyone that's thinking of learning to drive. He will pick up on things that may not even seem like mistakes at first, and then when he talks them through, you realise it. And that is how I passed my driving. He's fantastic!!


This is my first time I have left a review on this website because of how impressed I was with the service and experience I received from Azhar. Previously, I have had to quit my lessons due to the pressure and stress I was receiving from the teacher but with Azhar he made sure that I was comfortable and constantly reassured me. He is a great driving instructor and taught me well enough which led to me passing my test the first time. I would highly recommend working with Azhar, especially if you have an introverted personality like me.

Hector Camm

Great instructor. Thorough with teaching and ensures you cover all the requirements. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to pass their driving test.

Ravi Jain

Good instructor, patient, well versed with testing routes. I passed the first time. Will recommend.

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Captured Moments

Our gallery serves as a tribute to both our students’ achievements and our experienced instructors’ unwavering commitment.

Comprehensive Courses

Driving Programs

Explore our comprehensive driving programs designed to suit every skill level and need. Unlock your full driving potential with our specialized courses.

First Driving Lesson

Start your driving journey with confidence in our First Driving Lesson – the perfect introduction to the world of driving.

Pass Plus Course

Elevate your driving skills with our Pass Plus Course, designed to help new drivers gain confidence and experience on the road.

Intensive Driving Course

Achieve your driver's license quickly with our Intensive Driving Course – a focused, efficient way to become a proficient driver in a shorter time frame.

Refresher Driving Lessons

Get back in the driver's seat with our Refresher Driving Lessons, perfect for those who want to regain confidence and sharpen their driving skills.

Motorway Driving

Master the art of safe and confident motorway driving with our specialized course, designed to prepare you for highway journeys.

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