Driving Lessons

Advanced driving courses enhance handling and control on the road

Offered by experienced instructors, cover everything from the basics of operating a vehicle to mastering complex maneuvers and understanding road safety rules

First Driving Lesson: 88 Driving School

First Driving Lesson

Your first driving lesson is a significant milestone as you embark on the road to becoming a confident and responsible driver. It’s the moment when you gain hands-on experience, learn fundamental driving skills, and start building the foundation for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable journeys. With the guidance of a skilled instructor, you’ll become familiar with the vehicle’s controls, practice basic maneuvers, and begin to understand essential traffic rules. Embrace this exciting opportunity to develop the skills that will empower you on the open road
Pass Plus Course: 88 Driving School

Pass Plus Course

The Pass Plus Course is designed to elevate your driving skills beyond the basics. With advanced training and real-world experience, you’ll gain confidence in handling various road scenarios and enhance your safety knowledge. Additionally, completing the Pass Plus Course may even lead to potential insurance discounts, making it a valuable investment in your driving future. Prepare to navigate highways, adverse weather, and urban challenges with expertise, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. Take your driving skills to the next level.
Intensive Driving Course: 88 Driving School

Intensive Driving Course

An Intensive Driving Course is your fast track to becoming a skilled driver. Condensing lessons into a short timeframe, it offers focused training, perfect for those looking to pass their driving test quickly. Ideal for learners with limited time, this course accelerates your journey to independent and confident driving. Intensive Driving Courses provide intensive practice and personalized guidance, helping you master essential skills efficiently. With a dedicated instructor, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge needed to navigate the road safely in no time.
Refresher Driving Lessons: 88 Driving School

Refresher Driving Lessons

Refresher Driving Lessons are tailored to meet your specific needs, whether it’s regaining confidence after a break from driving or honing skills for improved safety. These personalized sessions with experienced instructors offer a convenient way to refresh your driving knowledge and ensure you’re road-ready. Whether it’s brushing up on parallel parking, navigating busy intersections, or simply regaining your comfort behind the wheel, our Refresher Driving Lessons are designed to boost your driving confidence. Invest in the lessons for  safer, comfortable return to the road.

Motorway Driving: 88 Driving School

Motorway Driving

Motorway Driving Lessons are a crucial addition to your driving skill set, preparing you for high-speed, multi-lane highways. Our experienced instructors guide you through merging, lane changes, overtaking, and safe distance management. Gain the confidence and knowledge needed to navigate these challenging roadways with ease. Whether you’re a new driver or seeking to enhance your motorway skills, our lessons ensure you’re well-prepared for safer, more comfortable long-distance journeys. Invest in your driving future and conquer the open road with competence.

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